Forum electronic invoicing in Germany (FeRD)


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Arbeitsgemeinschaft für wirtschaftliche Verwaltung e. V.
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Welcome to FERD

FeRD (Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland) is the national E-Invoicing Forum in Germany and was founded under the auspices of the AWV in 2010. It is the German representation in the European Multi-Stakeholderforum. It is the German industry-neutral platform with members from ministries and other governmental bodies and all important industry associations. Its Aim is to foster electronic invoicing in the public and private sector.


Eschborn/Germany, January 12th, 2015 In order to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from the... mehr

Informations about FeRD  in english available  

The Final Release 1.0 of the ZUGFeRD data standard can be used in Germany, in other european countries and also... mehr

ZUGFeRD-data format

Various partners from the private and administrative sectors have developed in collaboration with FeRD a data format called ZUGFeRD. The ZUGFeRD approach builds on a combination of PDF with integrated structured data. The receiver decides if he processes
structured data or just prints out the PDF, following the traditional manual process. ZUGFeRD is based on a core invoice, which leads to easy implementation. It is based on standards (XML, PDF/A), tools are available.