Free download of version 1.0

The German Forum on electronic Invoicing (FeRD) has developed a uniform data format called ZUGFeRD which can be used for exchanging invoice data between enterprises, authorities and consumers. The format allows for an exchange of structural invoice data between the issuer and the recipient in a single PDF file without any necessary further steps of reading or processing the data.

The FeRD format has been developed by enterprises from the automotive and software industry, the retail and financial sector as well as public administration.

The format matches the requiremens of international standardisation and can be used for cross-border invoicing, too.

Free download of version 1.0

The final version had been released on 25 June 2014. The current version of 17 October 2014 contains adjustments on the illustration of the invoice total, the example files and an update of the scheme files. The adjustments are outlined in a separate  (Corrigendum).

Disclaimer of liability and Usage Rights


The documentation of the ZUGFeRD format has been carried out in the best knowledge. All necessary measures have been adopted in order to ensure that all related information for the ZUGFeRD format can be considered correct. The AWV e.V. perpetually checks and updates the information on the ZUGFeRD format. The AWV e.V. reserves the right for modifications and supplements on the provided documentation as it may see fit.

AWV e.V. assumes no liability or warranty for up-to-dateness, validity and integrity for the provided documentation of the ZUGFeRD format. Installation and usage of the ZUGFeRD format is at your own risk. Apart from cases of wilful misconduct or culpable negligence AWV e.V. assumes neither liability for loss of use, lost profits, data loss, loss of communication, profit and/or contract cuts or for costs, damages, losses and any liability in connection with a interruption of business activity, nor for specific incidentally accrued or indirect damages, punitive or consequential damages, not even if the possibility of costs, losses or damages could have been anticipated. In particular, AWV e.V. assumes no liability or warranty for up-to-dateness, validity and integrity for the conversion of the ZUGFeRD format into an application for transmission, determination or creation of invoice data.

ZUGFeRD specification copyright

Content and structure of the ZUGFeRD specification is protected by copyright. Multiplication of information or data, especially the usage of texts, parts of texts or pictorial material requires the approval by AWV e.V.

Usage of “FeRD” and “ZUGFeRD” word and figurative mark

Both word and figurative mark of “FeRD” and “ZUGFeRD” are protected by copyrights. The rights for usage of FeRD and ZUGFeRD word and figurative mark must be approved by AWV e.V. in advance.

Usage rights of ZUGFeRD format

The Forum for electronic Invoicing in Germany („FeRD“) under the umbrella of AWV e.V. aims at creating and specifying an open format for structured electronic data exchange on the base of an open, non-discriminatory and standardised technology („ZUGFeRD format“).

In accordance with FeRD the ZUGFeRD format is open and accessible for commercial and public administration use likewise.

Therefore FeRD offers a license at fair, appropriate and non-discriminatory terms to commercial users and public administration organisations in order to make use of the protected ZUGFeRD format.

FeRD’s specifications for the implementation of ZUGFeRD are available under www.ferd-net.de in its respective current version.

Specifically the license grant entitles:

FeRD grants a license for the usage of the copyright protected content of the ZUGFeRD format of the respective current and accepted version ( www.ferd-net.de).

The license comprises the irrevocable right of usage, including the rights to further developments, processing and linkage to other products.

The license applies in particular to the development, composition, manufacturing, marketing, usage or any other use of the ZUGFeRD format for the purpose of creating hardware and software products as well as miscellaneous applications and services.

The license does not include the essential patents of the FeRD member parties. Essential patents are defined as patents and patent applications consisting of one or more patent claims which can be considered to be indispensable claims. Indispensable claims are merely those claims of essential patents which would be infringed inevitably by implementing the ZUGFeRD format.

The licensee is entitled to grant an unlimited, worldwide, irrevocable and non-transferable usage right to its respective affiliates, including the right to further developments, processing and linkage to other products.

The license will be provided free of charge.


Please note: This translation is of informative nature, the original version is the German version.